Recent Projects

Here at Greebo Games, we strive to create components for tabletop games and top-notch quality collections, by putting our knowledge and skills to your service. Choose your team from one of our latest projects!


Are you ready to feel the heat? Are you ready to...SNUGGLEEEEEE.

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Obsidian Dusk

Sharp Blades, frenzied Witches, armour on. The Dark Elves roll on the pitch.

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Chaos Dwarves

There's two types of Chaos Dwarves, those who have tea and biscuits with their dolls and these!

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When cutiemals meet Undeath and don't want nothing to do with being underground Dear coaches, we are converting the Obsidian Dusk into Greeblood.

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Why choose Greebo?

Sculpting, creating prototypes, 3D printing, producing metal and resin casts, illustrations and character designs: here at Greebo Games, we are ready and willing to give you all you need to make your product from A to Z. First of all we are player and than vendor.