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Few words about Our History

Greebo Games is a miniature figures manufacturing company founded in 2005 by former professional goldsmith Lorenzo Giusti, and currently headquartered in Poggio a Caiano, near Prato, Italy.

Their product line includes, but is not limited to, miniatures to be used in Fantasy Football games (such as Blood Bowl, Deathball and Street Bowl) and other roleplaying or wargaming game systems, both pre-existing and created entirely in-house.

Our track record includes successful collaborations with Lucca Comics & Games, the 2015 Bood Bowl World Cup in Lucca and multiple successfully completed Kickstarter projects.


Development Steps

We are well known Italian manufacturers of miniatures, born for fantasy football.
Nowadays, we produce board games and different types of miniatures in collaboration with many Italian and International companies.

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Team of highly skilled artists

With a team of skilled and passionate designers, sculptors and craftsmen devoted to developing new and astonishing pieces, we are able to develop miniatures and games that are all about revolutionizing and enriching your gaming experience.



Cutting edge standards

We believe that every single model should arouse a powerful emotion: our models shouldn’t be left unpainted and neglected in the drawer, but should be something to truly cherish. It is only by pursuing the highest standards through our expertise and passion that we can produce the finest models. After all, it is the finished product that stands as testament to the quality of our work.



Innovative technologies

Always in step with the latest technologies, and with more than 15 years of experience in manual sculpting behind us, we are among a select group in the modelling industry to have adopted 3D modelling techniques. We set ourselves apart from the rest by our unique blend of tradition and innovation.



Hight quality details

All our games and items revolve around the design blend of function and form. We want gamers to have the chance to hold in their hands awesome pieces rich in detail, built for their purposes, with an eye always on the handicraft and artistic expression, all respecting the history of Fantasy and its tradition.