Were you not able to make it in time for the last Greebo Games kickstarter campaign and would like to participate anyway?
Now you can!

If you already have an account on our website (if you don’t you simply need to register click here), just head to the Pledge Manager section as soon as the Late Pledges are open to find all the available products.

After that you’ll need to simply place an order and Bob’s your uncle, you’re all set! Make sure you read the campaign terms and conditions because even as a late pledger you’ll benefit from all the offers, rewards and shipment options!

If the Pledge Manager is not open yet to Late Pledgers, sign up to the newsletter to receive updates for when the Late Pledge will be opened and also news on new releases, pre-orders and all the wonderful Greebo Games content.

Open the Pledge Manager

Have you supported our kickstarter campaign and now would like to access the pledge manager to complete your order?
Here’s how to do it:

Log in to our website at if you have an account, or use the credentials provided via email we sent to those who don’t have an account. If you didn’t receive these you can use the email associated with your kickstarter account and retrieve your password by clicking here.

Head over to the Pledge Manager section and start choosing your rewards!

Make sure to check all the campaign updates (available on the campaign’s KickStarter page too) and make sure the Pledge Manager is open and therefore the products are available.