Furry Fury n°3

Material: Greebonite

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In a mystical realm where supernatural forces converge with the passionate world of sport, a formidable figure emerges onto the field, leaving a trail of fear in its wake. This monstrous combatant is the Furry Fury, a massive, demonic feline blocker, driven by its devotion to the god of blood as it participates in a brutal and enchanted version of football. 

The Furry Fury's imposing form, covered in a thick, dark fur, looms large over the field, its terrifying eyes ablaze with the relentless pursuit of victory. With powerful muscles rippling beneath its sinister coat and razor-sharp claws ready to strike, this colossal cat embodies the raw strength and primal ferocity of its fearsome patron deity.

As the enchanted contest unfolds, the Furry Fury unleashes its devastating might, standing as an impenetrable barrier against the opposition. Its relentless onslaught sends adversaries reeling, and its thunderous roars echo across the battlefield, a testament to its unwavering determination. In this bewitching world where the supernatural meets the spirit of competition, the Furry Fury serves as a potent reminder of the untamed power that lies within the heart of every fierce contender.

This set comprises Greebonite component and is supplied with a Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and doesn't requires assembly

Sculpted by Greebo and Silvia
Scale: 32 mm

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