Ririki - Team Bundle

Material: Greebonite

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The Ririki team is an electrifying blend of mischief, agility, and barely-controlled chaos. At the core, the Linemen serve as the stable elements in an otherwise unpredictable formula. They hold the line, offering a semblance of order that allows the team's more unconventional stars to thrive.

With a chainsaw in hand, the Chainsaw player embraces the element of surprise, cutting through both expectations and opposing players. He's the curveball no one sees coming but everyone remembers.

Swooping over the chaos is the Windwiver. No, you're not seeing things—that's a goblin literally gliding above the field, soaring past obstacles, and touching down in the most inconvenient places for the opposition.

The Devastator, meanwhile, is a whirlwind of frenetic energy. A spinning mass of metal and malice, his chained ball turns him into a living, erratic wrecking ball. Controlling him is like trying to catch smoke, but when he collides with his target, the impact is unmistakable.

But for sheer presence, look no further than the Troll. Simple-minded yet devastatingly effective, his acid vomit adds a layer of danger that keeps opponents perpetually on their toes. 

The Bomber, ever the opportunist, is the embodiment of explosive excitement. With a knack for timing and a love for pyrotechnics, he adds a combustible element to an already volatile mix.

Then there's Pogo, the high-flying, gravity-defying acrobat of the team. His spring-loaded leaps turn him into a living interception machine, a surprising counterpoint to his ground-bound teammates.

Last but not least, the Gobbo Yobbo keeps the energy high and the atmosphere electric. A superfan with a knack for disruptive noise, his presence is a psychological game-changer, making the playing field feel like home turf even when it's not.

In essence, the Ririki team is an unpredictable cocktail of audacity, cunning, and spontaneous innovation. Each member adds a unique flavor, combining to create an unforgettable spectacle of sportsmanship—of a uniquely Ririki kind.

This set comprises Greebonite component and is supplied with a Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

  • 2× Troll
  • 10× Lineman
  • Bomber
  • 1× WindWiver
  • Devastator
  • Gobbo Yobbo
  • Pogo
  • Chainsaw

This Bundle include also

  • x1 Goblin Team Marker 
  • x1 Goblin Reroll
  • x1 Goblin Themed Balls

Sculpted by Silvia and Greebo 

Scale: 32 mm

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