Bust Wrives - Team Bundle

Material: Greebonite

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The Wrives team is an eclectic assembly of specialized talents and raw power, each member embodying a distinct role yet harmonizing into a cohesive unit. Their Linemen are the backbone of the team, unsung heroes who provide the sturdy foundation upon which every play is built. Dependable and tough, they navigate the chaos, making room for the stars to shine. 

Then there's the Blitzer, a whirlwind of speed and tactical prowess. When he blitzes, he's not just disrupting plays; he's rewriting the rules of engagement, creating openings where there seemed to be none. 

Darting through these openings is the Runner. With agility that defies logic, he turns the field into his personal playground. Whether sidestepping would-be tacklers or sprinting to a game-changing touchdown, his legs are his most eloquent argument.

Complementing this cast is the Thrower, a paragon of precision and calm amid the storm. His throws slice through the air like arrows, hitting targets with an accuracy that elevates the act to an art form.

Yet, let's not forget the Rat Ogre, the embodiment of brute force married to an unpredictable spirit. A living battering ram, he commands attention and respect, his very presence altering the dynamics of the field.

Together, the Wrives team is a microcosm of tactical depth and spontaneous brilliance. Their individual gifts converge into a seamless blend of strategy and instinct, a football symphony where each player is both a soloist and part of a greater ensemble. The result? A spectacle that defies easy categorization, much like the Wrives themselves.

This set comprises Greebonite component and is supplied with a Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and doesn't requires assembly

You will receive:

  • 1× Rat Ogre
  • 2× Blitzer - Wrive
  • 2× Thrower - Wrive
  • 4× Runner - Wrive
  • 8× Lineman- Wrive

This Bundle include also

  • x1 Bust set Number 1 to 20
  • x3 Prone Ring
  • x3 Stunned Ring

Sculpted by Greebo and Silvia
Scale: 32 mm

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